Miles above reality

How many Booshlrs have not yet read Stockholm Syndrome? 

Make yourself known!

if you haven’t, you should really really read it.

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  2. therellbenomore-lies answered: What’s the relationship between the two?
  3. joclairexoxo answered: Can we get a link?
  4. joclairexoxo answered: I havent :(
  5. a7xkenyaetf answered: Like everyone else, I haven’t read it seeing as I don’t have a link to it. O_o
  6. thegirlwiththemadcapscribblings answered: is there a book or online line you could message me for it! Thankyou ! xx
  7. a-pale-imitation answered: I haven’t. What is it?
  8. voodoo-kitty answered: I haven’t!
  9. a-pale-imitation answered: I haven’t. What is it?
  10. lets-get-pretentious answered: Tried, but I couldn’t get into it at all. I guess it’s just not my thing *shrugs*
  11. cassabian answered: I’ve tried reading it… Got to like chapter 11 or something, but I just couldn’t get into it.
  12. jeffgoldbum answered: what is it? i feel terrible for not knowing!
  13. cyndigullett answered: which one?
  14. cherrycurry answered: If I could find it, I would :C
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    My thoughts exactly~!
  16. thehomoguys answered: Me, I just can’t seem to find it and haven’t gotten around to it.
  17. adranier answered: I have not. Got a link?
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    GO READ IT YOU SLAGS!!!!!!!!