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Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)

just sent my portfolio + motivational letter regarding my internship at a social marketing firm

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" I get so exhilarated when it snows! And everything is new! Think about it- the first snow of the season… it’s a perfect marker. I always think about what’s come between. Then and now. You’re a different person now. The last time it snowed, you ask yourself, where were you?… Where was I?
…The last time it snowed I went for a walk, and I thought- where will I be when it snows again?”
“Last time it snowed you were one person- now you’re another.”
“What’s gonna happen to me?”
“Nobody knows the answer to that question. It’s pointless. Look at me. It’s pointless."
The Paris Letter (via elevenfeathers)


I like my women how I like my men. 



That’s it.

That’s the joke. 

I am bisexual.

I guess I’m just not back into the swing of things yet after doing jack shit all summer but when I spend the day in college I get so exhausted and if I’m exhausted I get into this mood where I’m just really mean to anyone I can be mean to.

I get like cranky x600

I started a discussion on this group on facebook and I read some girl’s reply today - “I want equal rights for both men and women, but I don’t consider myself a feminist.”

I’ve been seeing this so much lately and I am so done that I literally actually physically facepalmed so fucking hard in class that everyone within a 4 desk radius looked back at me. I’m not exaggerating. 





In honor of Emma reminding us all that she is an amazing role-model, I thought I’d do a little portrait x Low-Poly style vector done in Illustrator.

My etsy where I offer custom digital portraits x

wtf with this girl? she’s rich as hell, without even having to have any talent, what the hell is she complaining for? Let me tell you what, boys and girls: Emma man-haircut-Watson, she’s not worth your worship, your fanship. If you want someone to look up to, admire or idolize, it is Jennifer Fucking Lawrence, home slice.  wHY? talent! Jennifer can act her ass off, is a real artist and not a man-boy, poser like Emma. I know what it is, with all you girls, it’s hatred of America - and jealousy. You worship Emma anorexic Watson over Jennifer because she’s a little European socialist slut.

I really really fucking hope you’re a troll because if not please just go bury yourself neck deep in feces and think about your life choices.


I’m not even going to dignify the talent bashing with a response.

****~~~Oh and did I mention that you’re a cunt~~~****

wow, say an opinion and get attacked I  GUESS, in this bloggers world.

Where are you from? oh, let me guess, you are British? How are those teeth looking, ever been to a dentist yet?

So, Emma gets rich and famous and adored for doing nothing, and she is advocating for other girls to get everything for nothing too? I really don’t get it. I could get it if Emma worked through some difficult circumstances and had survived some kind of gender discrimination, and then went on to do something great? But she didn’t. she is a girl who won the lottery, couldn’t act, and was made super rich because of it. How does her story relate to the common woman? It doesn’t. Emma is just trying to compensate and cover her guilt because she  knows she got a free ride up to the top.

No, say a shitty dickheaded “opinion” and get called the fuck out on it.What you have isn’t an opinion it’s a mental deficiency.

Not that it’s relevant in any way but no, I’m not British. Have you ever even been to anywhere remotely near Britain?

She didn’t do nothing you shitstain. She worked fucking hard to get where she is. She finished school with the best scores possible while filming the biggest movie franchise in history. Then went on and got an Ivy League education while being a high-profile star.And is now using her fame to do good things, like campaigning for women to have better representation in politics. And doesn’t shit on men while doing it, at all.

She doesn’t have to be relatable to be a role model.

Now you need to sit the fuck down and stop being such a fucking cunt.

anchovysecks said:  baddrunkpoetry has been giving everyone shit, he goes through tags just to bash people and then says hes a feminist but that women are privileged and that gays non-white people and women are allowed to live in a world built by white men so we should be grateful. And then when people call him out he says that he gets attacked for having an opinion...? Even though he attacked others for having an opinion..? ROOTIN FOR YOU GURL DRAG HIS ASS

I so hope he’s just a troll because if he’s actually serious then I’m really concerned that a person like him has access to the internet. And the public. And just pretty much anything that isn’t a white padded room.